Will Chesney

For the majority of his career, Will was an esteemed member of the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU), or SEAL Team Six, serving as both an operator and handler of military working dogs. Together with his Belgian Malinois, Cairo, Will participated in hundreds of missions, including the operation that resulted in the capture or killing of one of the most notorious terrorists.

After 13 years of dedicated service, during which he received various medals and commendations, including a Silver Star and a Purple Heart, Will retired from service in 2015 following a grenade explosion that left him injured.

Despite his retirement, Will has continued to serve his country in numerous ways. He is an accomplished author, having authored the best-selling book “No Ordinary Dog.” This gripping memoir tells the story of Will’s working relationship with Cairo through multiple deployments and how Cairo saved Will’s life in more ways than one.