1. All PowerPoint Presentations should be created using the 2023 Fall Seminar Template.

This is a standard PPTX file with which you can simply insert additional slides as needed.

2.  A final copy of your presentation must be brought to the seminar on a USB flash drive.

3. Audio/Video Usage: If your presentation uses audio or video you will need to include these files on your USB drive. Place any audio and video files linked within the presentation into a single folder.

4. Do not use any passwords or encryption for your files.

5. Do not rely on internet access to play videos or audio. APC cannot guarantee reliable internet access at the venue.

6. You should only use fonts that are available in Windows; otherwise, they may not be supported by the computers at the seminar.

7. It would be helpful (but not required) if you submit your presentations to APC by Nov. 1. Email your presentation to jmulvihill@paconstructors.org.

Please note:
Even if you submit your presentation to APC, you will still need to bring a copy of your presentation to the seminar. APC may not have copies onsite.

APC will post PDF versions of all presentations online following the event. If you do not want your presentation posted online, please notify jmulvihill@paconstructors.org prior to the seminar.

Speaker - Seminar Attendance

  • If you are only coming to speak/present, then there is no need to register for the seminar. You can just go directly to your workshop.
  • If you wish to attend other parts of the Fall Seminar, you should register as an attendee. Information on attendee registration can be found here.

Speaker On-Site Arrival

  • On the day of your presentation, you should come to the location of your workshop prior to it starting. Typically, staff will be in the session locations 30 minutes prior to its start. They can assist you in loading presentations onto the room’s laptop.